Here are the training material related to the schools dedicated to the MaX flagship codes:



Electronic structure calculations using plane waves

Lecture notes and tutorials of QE schools:


Efficient density-functional calculations with atomic orbitals

Lecture notes and tutorials of Siesta schools:


Full Potential Linearized Augmented Plane Wave Method: A DFT all-electron method
Lecture notes:

Lecture notes and tutorials of Fleur schools:




Many Body Perturbation Theory

Computational School on Electronic Excitations in Novel Materials Using the Yambo Code (2020): lectures videos and materials

Lecture notes on MBPT theoretical background, Quasi particle correction (GW) and absorption spectroscopy (TDDFT and BSE):

Advanced computing of excited state properties in solids and nanostructures with Yambo (2017):

A collection of other tutorials can be found here:



Path Integral techniques for the atomic-scale modelling of the quantum behavior of materials and molecules. (i-PI)



AiiDA lecture notes and tutorials
Tutorial materials: 

Videos of "Tutorial on writing reproducible workflows for computational materials science" (2019):


Materials Cloud
Learn section: