Date: 11 January 2023 to 13 January 2023
Location: ICTP Triste (IT)

MaX partners are attending the "21st International Workshop on Computational Physics and Materials Science: Total Energy and Force Methods", the important workshop is held in Trieste every two years, since 1987, and devoted to recent advances in condensed matter physics and materials science, based on realistic calculations of the electronic structure of complex systems.

The aim of the workshop is a critical discussion of methods and challenging applications. It has become one of the most popular regular events of the international ab-initio electronic structure community.  This event also has the ambition to reach out to countries where the electronic structure community is not traditionally as strong as in Europe, the USA and Japan, in coherence with the mission of its host institution, the ICTP.

The workshop will also include the Award ceremony for the "Walter Kohn prize for quantum mechanical material modeling" (, co-funded by ICTP and the Quantum ESPRESSO Foundation.

MaX appointments:

on January 12 Stefano Baroni (SISSA) will introduce the Quantum Espresso Foundation

on January 13 Andrea Ferretti (CNR) will talk about "Functional theory of the spectral density via local embedding". 

While on January 11 and January 13 Emilio ARtacho (ICN2) will respectively introduce the workshop and make some conclusions.


Check further MaX contributions to the workshop on the complete programme