Participants 2023


MAX Structure

Director: Elisa Molinari | CNR - Unimore | IT

General Assembly

The main governing body of the Centre of Excellence is the General Assembly (GA) composed by the Principal Investigator (PI) of each project partner:

  • CNR | Elisa Molinari
  • SISSA | Stefano Baroni
  • ICN2 | Pablo Ordejón
  • JUELICH | Stefan Blugel
  • CEA | Luigi Genovese
  • UBremen | Nicola Marzari
  • CINECA | Fabio Affinito
  • BSC | Josè Maria Cela
  • IT4I | Jan Martinovic
  • IJS | Anton Kokalj
  • ATOS | Erwan Raffin
  • SIPEARL | Jean-Marc Denis
  • E4 | Fabrizio Magugliani
  • LEONARDO | Carlo Cavazzoni 

WP Leaders Committee

In guiding the activities of MaX, the Director will be supported by the WP Leaders Committee (WP-Exec), composed of the WP Leaders and persons selected by the GA within the Consortium teams with competence covering key areas of the MaX activities.


Management Team

The Management team at CNR includes:

Work Packages (WPs)

The work plan of the MaX project is organised into 7 work packages contributing to the main MaX pillars.

  • WP1  | Lighthouse Applications for Materials Science
    Stefano Baroni | SISSA
  • WP2  | Exascale workflows and extreme data for materials
    Nicola Marzari | UBREMEN
  • WP3  | Technical challenges towards exascale and post-exascale
    Fabio Affinito | CINECA
  • WP4  | Co-design, technology exploitation & energy efficiency
    Lubomir Riha | IT4I at VSB
  • WP5  | Training & Community Engagement within the HPC ecosystem
    Daniele Varsano | CNR
  • WP6  | Communication, exploitation, and dissemination
  • WP7  | Management
    Luisa Neri | CNR



Affiliated Entities participating to the project: