Here are the training material related to the schools dedicated to the MaX flagship codes:


Electronic structure calculations using plane waves

Lecture notes and tutorials of QE schools:

Lectures from the High-Performance & High-Throughput Materials Simulations using Quantum ESPRESSO and AiiDA - ICTP Trieste (2017)

Efficient density-functional calculations with atomic orbitals

Lecture notes and tutorials of Siesta schools:


Full Potential Linearized Augmented Plane Wave Method: A DFT all-electron method

All electron DFT with Fleur - a Hands-on Tutorial (2021): lecture videos and materials, hands-on material.

Lecture notes.

Fleur schools: notes and tutorials.


Many Body Perturbation Theory

A series of video lectures recorded during recent school sessions can be found in the Lhumos platform.  

Past video lectures can be found in the Yambo YouTube channel.

Lecture notes on MBPT, including  theoretical background on Quasi particle correction (GW) and absorption spectroscopy (TDDFT and BSE) can be downloaded at: Lectures.

A collection of tutorials and hands-on that can be followed at your own pace are found at: Tutorials.

For any question and doubt on the usage of the code you can subscribe to the Yambo Forum.


AiiDA lecture notes and tutorials

All the tutorial materials: 

Tutorial on writing reproducible workflows for computational materials science (2019): lectures videos and materials

Materials Cloud
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