Date: 14 October 2020
Location: Online

Fleur webinar

Among the flagship codes developed within the MaX centre of excellence, the open-source code FLEUR code can provide reference results and can be utilized to study details of the electronic, magnetic, and atomistic structure of complex materials. The code is able to treat bulk and film systems with all elements of the periodic table. Recently, major advances in the scalability, performance and applicability of the code have been achieved and made available in the MaX releases of the code. 

This webinar will focus on the basic features and fundamentals of the FLEUR code. We will include an overview of the different types of simulations possible with the code, including its interfaces to other methods.

The use of FLEUR on modern HPC systems, including Tier-0 PRACE, and hints and instructions for deploying FLEUR will be part of the presentation too.

Registration is now open!

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