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Giambiagi Lecture Hall
Date: 25 November 2019
Location: Trieste, Italy


MaX CoE organized a Hackathon which will be held in Trieste @ICTP from November 25th to November 29th 2019.

During the Hackathon, the coders will work at selected projects aimed at re-using in their code the MaX libraries.
Planned activities will be organized in three main working groups:

  • the FFTXlib, SpFFT and LAXlib re-usage group which will coordinate the activities aimed at using these libraries inside existing codes for performing parallel 3D FFTs and parallel linear algebra.
  • the CUDA GPU working group will be concerned with activities aimed at using and expanding the Modules of MaX codes which are currently used for data management and synchronization between CPU and GPU devices.
  • The General Utilities group will be concerned with activities aimed at using expanding MaX libraries and the Modules of MaX codes used for general-purpose functionalities such as error handling, timing and profiling, MPI groups initialization and logging.

Together with Hackathon sessions also few specialistic talks will be included in the schedule.

Organizers: Stefano de Gironcoli (SISSA), Pietro Delugas (SISSA), Ivan Girotto (ICTP)

Participants will be selected from the selection up to a maximum number of 20.
Applications should be posted by November 16th at this link.

Visit this page to find further information.