Date: 29 May 2022 to 02 June 2022
Location: Hamburg, Germany

MaX @ ISC 2022 - #TRANSFORMINGTHEFUTURE, the event for High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Data Analytics - Hamburg (Germany) from May 29 to June 2, 2022.


MaX CoE will take part to the ISC 2022 Conference in several ways:


  • MaX partner CINECA will represent the Centre of Excellence @ the “Workshop on Software Co-Design Actions in European Flagship HPC Codes” (Thursday, June 2, 2022 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, on-site). 


This mini-workshop will bring together representatives from the European Centres of Excellence in HPC applications (EU HPC CoE) and key European HPC stakeholders to share with an international and engaged audience their lessons learnt and experiences in software co-design. Co-design has been long debated by the HPC community, and can be credited with some impressive results. This workshop focuses specifically on software co-design actions applied on production-grade community-wide European flagship HPC applications. Workshop attendees will learn from application developers and computational scientists about their software journey to prepare ahead of time their HPC codes for EuroHPC European Pre-Exascale and Exascale systems.

Daniele Cesarini (CINECA) will present the co-design actions put in place by the MaX CoE in the second and conclusion part of the project: the analysis of the performance of applications on selected HPC micro architectures relevant for the EuroHPC context, the focus on the CPU exploitation by comparing four different micro architectures: Intel Xeon Skylake, ARM ThunderX2, AMD Rome, and IBM Power9. Special attention is given to the performance and the power efficiency of all MaX codes in order to quantify the impact of the MaX’s work on the evolution of the  codes, comparing the latest version of the MaX flagship codes at the end of the project with a baseline referred to the code version at the beginning of MaX.

He will show the evolution in terms of execution time, micro architecture performance, and power efficiency covering the above mentioned architectures used in today’s supercomputers.

He will present the use-case of Quantum ESPRESSO (one of the MaX flagship codes) when run at scale in order to explore the power efficiency using different MPI and OpenMP configurations. 

The workshop has been organized by MaX partner Conrad Hillairet (Arm Ltd) and Filippo Spiga (NVIDIA Ltd), Jean-Marc Denis (SiPearl), Guy Lonsdale (scapos).


There you will find MaX’s postcards explaining key-details of the project and consortium. Besides, you will have the opportunity to learn more about MaX through the slideshow displayed on Monday May 30th 4.30 – 5.00 pm and on Tuesday May 31st 12:00- 13.00. Visit them and find out more about MaX.


Enjoy the event!