Leonardo SpA is an aerospace company which, engaging in a plan of sustainable manufacturing, is largely committed to the use of digital technologies (advanced digital design, simulations, digital twins). Its own data centre hosts a multi-petascale HPC supercomputer (planned to be upgraded to several tens of petaflofs).

Among the many R&D lines, Leonardo is interested in materials science for electronic devices, with typical simulations focused on identifying the effect of wafer layers thickness, doping, and heat dissipation on the quality of the resulting devices. Within MAX, Leonardo will contribute to the development of lighthouse electronic structure codes that are key to the design of future semiconductors with better electrical, mechanical, and thermal characteristics, reducing the time needed to design them, and, especially for space applications, to evaluate their behaviour in extreme environmental conditions, that can be costly and energy consuming to be reproduced experimentally. In particular Leonardo HPC developers will focus on performance optimisation and co-design for those code features exploiting high-end supercomputers and relevant for the simulations of binary semiconductors.