Date: 16 May 2023 to 19 May 2023
Location: ICTP Triste (IT)

MaX partners are attending the ICTP "Workshop on Frontiers in Excited State Electronic Structure Methods: from Spectroscopy to Photochemistry".

The workshop gathers code developers from several electronic structure packages  (Quantum Espresso, Orca, DFTB+, LiÔ, SIESTA, Newton-X, Yambo, BigDFT, Onetep, SHARC, Octopus, etc) involved in excited state method developments and applications. The discussion will focus on practical challenges, implementation bottlenecks, state-of-the-art methodological developments, as well as limitations in real systems applications. 

On Friday May 19, Daniele Varsano (Cnr Nano - Yambo code developer) will present the talk "Exploring the Role of Indirect Excitons in Spectroscopic Properties of Materials: Insights from MBPT and Yambo Code" (from 8.45 to 9.45) then Ivan Carnimeo (SISSA - Quantum ESPRESSO code developer) will present the talk "QUANTUM ESPRESSO: linear response codes on heterogeneous architectures" (10.10-11.10).

All the info related to the workshop are available at this link.

Poster available here.