02 April 2020

Advancing engagement between HPC Centres of Excellence & EOSC: booklet now online!

High Performance Computing (HPC) is at the core of major advances and innovation and a strategic resource for Europe’s future. The European Commission has provided €77.5 million of funding to ten HPC European Centres of Excellence (CoEs).

Building upon the increasing interest surrounding the connections linking HPC initiatives and the EOSC, EOSCsecretariat.eu has investigated the current landscape of European HPC CoEs in relation to the EOSC, for the benefit of the EOSC Governance and other stakeholders.

The ten CoEs cover fundamental areas such as engineering, environmental science, renewable energy, materials modelling and design, molecular and atomic modelling, big data and global system science, bio-molecular research, and are contributing tools to optimise HPC applications performance.

The interaction between HPC and the EOSC is a crucial element of the European Data Infrastructure. Reflections on how European initiatives can come together and underpin world-class data and digital infrastructures, tackle data management capabilities and successfully integrate Edge and Exascale computing, have been consistent discussion points throughout 2019 at relevant events such as the EOSC-hub Week and the EOSC Symposium.

The results of this online survey about the ten HPC CoEs were collected in a booklet which was just published on the EOSCsecretariat.eu Zenodo account.

MaX is part of this project and it is actively collaborating to the european initiatives in the domain of materials design. 

Download the MaX page of the booklet here and discover more on our Centre of Excellence and our contribution to EOSC.

Download the complete booklet here!