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06 February

Distinguishing Different Stackings in Layered Materials via Luminescence Spectroscopy

A team of researchers present an experimental probe to discriminate between rBN and hBN crystals via...

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02 February

Computing the heat conductivity of extended systems with energy-density fluctuations

By using a combination of cepstral-analysis and Bayesian extrapolation techniques, a team of researchers from...

Virtual Winter School on Computational Chemistry


29 January to 02 February

Virtual Winter School on Computational Chemistry

Supported by MAX, the school aims to make cutting-edge research and insights accessible to a wide audience.

QUANTUM ESPRESSO on GPUs: Porting Strategy and Results


25 January

Upcoming webinar: QUANTUM ESPRESSO on GPUs: Porting Strategy and Results

Organized by OpenACC Organization, the webinar will showcase...

Lhumos Agenda


15 January

Upcoming webinar: the Lhumos training portal

The novel e-learning platform Lhumos enters the material sciences realm to ease knowledge

20240104 Drigo


05 January

Computing the Seebeck coefficient in liquid SPC/E water by combining equilibrium molecular dynamics and Bayesian inference methods

A team of researchers treat thermo-polarization effects in insulating fluids with standard equilibrium...

MN5 inauguration


04 January

MareNostrum 5 lands at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre

The EuroHPC JU supercomputer has been unveiled at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, opening the door to a new...



22 December

Turning towards the exascale: porting and optimizing Quantum ESPRESSO for HPC supercomputers

The Quantum ESPRESSO suite has been optimized to fully exploit the newly available computational architectures,...

Proximity effects


12 December

Strong magnetic proximity effect in van der Waals heterostructures driven by direct hybridization

An international team of researchers proposes a new type of proximity effect with radical impact in the...

Quantum ESPRESSO project


11 December

MaX participates in the EuroHPC User Day

MaX presents its advances on the open-source software Quantum ESPRESSO at the 2023 EuroHPC User Day on 11...


04 December

A “gold standard” for computational materials science codes

Scientists from NCCR MARVEL led the most comprehensive verification effort so far on computer codes for materials...


18 October

MaX project partners gather in Barcelona to discuss coding towards exascale computing

The second meeting of the MaX Centre of Excellence-phase 3 project took place in Barcelona on 16-17 October,...