01 February 2020

Cnr Nano Modena is SUPER!


As an important step forward within the national and international HPC ecosystem, and in strong synergy with the MaX Centre of excellence, CNR-NANO participates in SUPER (Supercomputing Unified Platform - Emilia-Romagna), an Emilia-Romagna POR-FESR 2014-2020 regional funded project.

SUPER aims at extending the regional computing and storage infrastructure to support scientific and industrial use cases. Within the materials domain, this will be done by leveraging the MaX flagship codes and, in turn, by enabling their effective deployment and uptake by the users community. The project gathers 12 regional partners, such as the major HPC and HTC centres in Italy, CINECA and INFN. It started in December 2019 and will last 18 months.

SUPER aims at (1) implementing the federation of computing resources and of basic and advanced services; (2) allowing for the update of the hardware platform to support data intensive and data analytics applications; (3) enabling use cases in different scientific domains (like genomics, regenerative medicine and biobanks, advanced materials and innovative production systems) that will guide the implementation and serve as test beds also for other domains.

Within the identified use cases, Cnr Nano will be in charge of the advanced material domain, that is characterised by the increasing demand for HPC/HTC that are key enablers for the predictive simulations of complex systems and processes, and for the screening of materials with designed properties.

The SUPER federated infrastructure will thus tackle big scientific challenges in a number of scientific domains by integrating HPC and HTC resources, knowledge and services, with the final goal of becoming a benchmark for future regional, national, EU, and international interactions.

The project will also see the involvement of industries from the region which will provide SUPER with their use cases.

Link https://www.hpc.cineca.it/projects/super