02 May 2024

European-Japanese Collaboration in High-Performance Computing Kicks Off with HANAMI Project

Aimed at strengthening collaboration between European and Japanese research institutions in High-Performance Computing (HPC), the HANAMI project officially kicked off in Paris on April 23.

Funded by HORIZON-EUROHPC-JU, HANAMI is a three-year partnership involving 14 European research institutions. The project's main objective is to share knowledge and expertise from both scientific communities to advance computational materials design through HPC technologies. With a total funding of 5 million euros, the HANAMI consortium is set to focus on HPC, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics (DA) applications in various research domains. These include materials science, biomedical sciences, and earth sciences, reflecting the priorities set by European and Japanese funding agencies.

As a key partner in this collaborative effort, MaX plays a pivotal role in promoting and coordinating actions in computational materials design. Several MaX partners, including Cnr-Nano, Cineca, ICN2, CEA, and Juelich, are actively involved in the HANAMI project as beneficiaries. Their participation underscores the significance of MaX's contribution and the project's alignment with the European Centers of Excellence (CoEs) framework.

Find out more about the HANAMI project here.