26 June 2024

MaX at “We Make Future”

As an international trade fair, broadly recognized as a global innovation accelerator, We Make Future (WMF) aims to foster an intersectional community of innovators to create positive social impact, work towards a fairer and more inclusive future, and offer effective, sustainable solutions to the most important collective challenges.

Held in Bologna, Italy, between 13-15 June, 2024, the second edition of WMF focused on Innovation: AI, Tech, and Digital and featured over 100 events dedicated to education, business, and entertainment.

The event brought together business and technology experts, as well as leaders in digital and artificial intelligence, to shape a future where innovation serves society. The Festival offered a diverse program with over 400 speakers, ranging from global visionaries to prominent digital professionals.

Among the invited speakers, the festival also featured a presentation given by MaX coordinator Elisa Molinari (UNIMORE): “How do we discover the materials of our future?”

Through her presentation about AI and new materials, Professor Molinari discussed the evolving landscape in discovering and designing materials for future technologies and sustainable production. Molinari also illustrated the pivotal roles played by high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and quantum physics in current research, highlighting advancements and insights from prominent European scientists.

Translating scientific breakthroughs into practical applications comes with close collaboration between researchers and industry professionals. By embracing participation in such innovation fairs and conferences, MaX helps shape innovative solutions that address industrial needs and drive technological progress through pioneering research in materials science.

More information available at: WMF - We Make Future | June 13 - 14 - 15, 2024