28 July 2020

MaX CoE lands on the EU Innovation Radar as Key Innovator

Released in 2014 as a Pilot project by DG Connect, the Innovation Radar has now become a reference point to monitor the most significant and impactful innovations emerging from EC-funded Research and Innovation projects, mainly within the ICT domain. It serves business-intelligence purposes to enable Policy Makers in the design of future EU-funded collaborative and innovation programmes. The public availability of the results included in the Innovation Radar is going to help close the gap between Innovators and external Stakeholders (as investors, industry players, citizens, technology hubs and incubators and others).

The Radar is a transparent and effective tool which identifies high-potential innovations in EC-funded research projects seeking to support project consortia on taking the right steps for successful market uptake. Three key-features (called “Innovation Potential Indicators”) are the guidelines taken into account in the assessment’s procedure:

Innovation Readiness: relates to the degree of technical maturity of evolving innovations.

Innovation Management: concerns the ability of the project management to bring innovations to the market and shape cutting-edge technologies in marketable products or services.

Market Potential: relates to the demand and supply side of innovations.

In this framework, the Highly Scalable Material Science Simulation Code developed within the MaX project, has been identified as a Key Innovation and worthy to be featured in the Innovation Radar platform. Specifically, the Innovation Radar identified CNR Modena, Barcelona Supercomputing Center and E4 Computer Engineering SPA as 'Key Innovators' in the development and full achievement of this innovation.

The simulation codes concretely meet the needs of existing markets, with the potential to open up new opportunities for MaX to partner with business or academic organisations as well as trigger interest from potential customers or investors in innovations.