04 July 2024

MaX participates at “Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Materials 2024” (AI4AM2024)

Held in Barcelona (Spain), between 2-4 July 2024, AI4AM2024 brought together top experts from industry and research to explore latest advances and share solutions in applying Artificial Intelligence for materials science and engineering.

As a cross-disciplinary international event, the conference covered a broad range of topics including Computational Materials Modeling, Predictive Modeling for Material Properties, Data-Driven Materials Innovation, AI Applications in Nanomaterials, Quantum Computing for Material Design, Big Data Analytics in Materials Science ..and much more!

MaX Centre for Materials at the exascale was among the sponsors of the conference, together with tech and R&D companies such as Constructor Group, Axiomatic AI, Donostia International Physics Center, Ikerbasque, IOP Publishing, and Advanced Intelligent Systems.


MaX participation at the conference took different shapes:

  • Pablo Ordejon (Distinguished Researcher, Group Leader and Director of ICN2) | co-Chair

  • Elisa Molinari (Full professor of Condensed Matter Physics at UNIMORE) | International Scientific Committee

  • Nicola Marzari (EPFL) | Invited speaker: "Machine learning electrochemistry"

  • Cristiano Malica (UBremen) | Talk: "Dynamics of oxidation states in transition metals of Li-ion battery cathodes"

  • Michael Hernandez Bertran (UNIMORE) | Talk: "An X-ray spectra simulations workflow based on machine learning: applications to Li-ion battery materials"

As a European Centre of Excellence for HPC applications, MaX aims to promote the use of upcoming exascale and extreme performance computing capabilities by scaling up existing parallel codes towards exascale scaling performance.

By embracing participation in such conferences, MaX comes in close collaboration with researchers and industry professionals to shape innovative solutions through pioneering research in materials science.


More information about the conference can be found at: AI4AM2024