27 May 2019

NanoInnovation 2019: The cutting-edge of eXascale Supercomputers for Nanotechnologies

The revolution in the discovery of new materials comes from quantum simulations, thanks to which we are able to calculate the properties of a material at the nanoscale even before it is ever prepared in a laboratory. The virtual comes before reality, and we can do it better and better, faster and faster through High-Performance Computing (HPC). Researchers are able to simulate many molecule combinations with an important reduction of costs for the companies and consequently for our whole society.

Nano Technologies changed our lives drastically. As a representative example, we have to consider the countless and innovative nanodevices existing today and the application in the Public Health industry. For example by Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we are able to simulate how nanoparticles follow the blood flow in our veins and many more applications. In the case of numerous pathologies of the cardiovascular system, the use of implantable medical nanodevices is now a clinical practice consolidated.

Nanomedicine is not, of course, the only application field of nano quantum simulations. It finds a role in many industries as such as electronic, energy, ICT, health sciences and technologies, environment and many more.

NanoInnovation 2019 and the last frontier of the nanotechnologies

One of the most relevant event ever in nanotechnologies is NanoInnovation. Following the success of the previous three editions, this year's international conference will take place on 11-14 June 2019 at the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, “Sapienza” University in Rome, Italy. The event aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise between several fields of application.

During the event, there will be deep dive sessions, workshops and the presentation of many innovations in the field of nanotechnology and it is entirely dedicated to nanotechnologies and their integration with Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

Would you like to attend at NanoInnovation? Visit the official website.

“Supporting material science at exascale with MaX Centre of Excellence”, is the talk title that Mariella Ippolito from CINECA will give at one of the NanoInnovation workshops.

The Technology Researcher is one of the main researchers contributing to MaX. Her participation slot will be on 12th June between 11:00 - 12:30 at the workshop titled: “Towards Exascale Supercomputers for Nanotechnology”. During her intervention, Mariella Ippolito will explain how HPC is supporting the field of new materials science with enormous steps and results for the science history, thanks also to MaX.

Find out more about the intervention of Mariella Ippolito - visit the programme page.