15 January 2024

Upcoming webinar: the Lhumos training portal

The novel e-learning platform Lhumos enters the material sciences realm to ease knowledge sharing and capacity building within the material sciences community and beyond.

As the demand for coding skills rises in the technology industry, it is imperative to increase code usage and training on different methods in HPC environments.

Supported by MaX, CECAM, MARVEL, MultiXscale, and DOME4.0, Lhumos (Learning HUb for MOdeling and Simulation) is a novel educational platform developed to facilitate the upskilling of students, scientists, and industrial users in HPC applications in the material sciences domain

Targeted at early-career and more advanced scientists, the e-learning platform gathers videos, lectures, codes, tutorials, seminars, and exercises that cover a wide range of subjects including electronic structure calculations, molecular dynamics, high performance computing, and code optimization

A presentation of the Lhumos project and a showcase of its sections and materials will be held online on January 15, at 2pm CET.


  • 2:00pm CET     Welcoming (Sara Bonella, CECAM - MARVEL)
  • 2:10pm CET     Lhumos: a showcase of the platform (Roberto Bendinelli, MARVEL - CECAM - MaX)
  • 2:30pm CET     Q&A


Join the webinar online: https://epfl.zoom.us/j/65060242920?pwd=S3Raa0tqTWNoNDRpT2hJM3k0ZHhldz09


Stay tuned for more events, workshops, and learning opportunities to bridge the gap between theory and application, academia, and industry.