06 Oct 2021

Job Opportunity @ EPFL

An open position for a software engineer/web developer is available at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), under the supervision of Prof. Nicola Marzari and Dr. Giovanni Pizzi.

18 Mar 2021

Job opportunity @ EPFL

CECAM invites applications for a position as developer of the CECAM-MARVEL-MaX web repository for training in simulation and modeling.

Open Position_ICN2
05 Nov 2019


The Theory and Simulation Group develops efficient methods for atomistic simulations in nanostructured systems, which can fully exploit modern computer multiprocessor[...]

28 Oct 2019


Two doctoral/postdoctoral positions are available in the Laboratory for Theory and Simulations of Materials at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, under the supervision of Dr. Giovanni Pizzi and Prof. Nicola Marzari.

15 Jul 2019


Three positions for research software engineers/computational materials scientists are available in the group of Prof. Nicola Marzari at  EPFL in Lausanne,  Switzerland, under the supervision of Dr Giovanni Pizzi. 

MaX: Contributing in Strengthening Europe Towards HPC Application @ 1st CoE Assembly

MaX Centre for Material Design to eXascale will be part of the first FOCUS CoE workshop that will be held in Frankfurt, Germany on the 21st of February 2019, wherein all the ten (10) new Centres of Excellence (CoEs) for computing applications will be present. This workshop aims to address specific CoE support activities and interaction opportunities across all the Centre of Excellence.

Harmonized Communication and Dissemination approach to maximize greater impact

Silvana Muscella, CEO & founder of Trust-IT Services, one of the key members of MaX that will bring its pluriannual experience of targeted communication and dissemination of result with an eye to understanding what sustainability paths MAX consortium can take forward.


Lavoisier Discussion on “Quantum Simulation"

LAVOISIER discussions on “Quantum Simulation” will be held from 8-9 of May 2019, in ICN2 (Bellaterra, Barcelona).

MaX Code Suite

MaX Code Suite leads the innovative research for materials, modelling and simulation toward a new era

The principal MaX’s code suites are: Quantum Espresso, Fleur, Siesta, Yambo, CP2K, BIGDFT, Sirius and AiiDA.