18 February 2019

MaX: Contributing in Strengthening Europe Towards HPC Application @ 1st CoE Assembly

The Materials design at eXascale (MaX) Centre of Excellence aims to allow the pre-eXascale and eXascale computers expected in Europe in the 2020’s to meet the demands from a large and growing base of researchers committed to materials discovery and design. MaX is one of the nine ‘European Centres of Excellence for HPC applications’ supported by the EU under its H2020 e-INFRA-2015 call.

MaX Mission:

  • Supports developers and end users of advanced applications in the field of materials, and works at the frontiers of the current and future High-Performance Computing (HPC) and High Throughput Computing (HTC) technologies.
  • Enable the best use and evolution of such technologies for materials research and innovation, to create an ecosystem of capabilities, applications, data workflows and analysis, and user-oriented services to sustain this effort.
  • Enabling the eXascale transition in the materials domain, by developing advanced programming models, novel algorithms, domain-specific libraries, in-memory data management, software/hardware co-design and technology-transfer actions.

MaX Centre for Material Design to eXascale will be part of the first FOCUS CoE workshop that will be held in Frankfurt, Germany on the 21st of February 2019, wherein all the ten (10) new Centres of Excellence (CoEs) for computing applications will be present. This workshop aims to address specific CoE support activities and interaction opportunities across all the Centre of Excellence.

FocusCoE will contribute to the success of the EU HPC Ecosystem and the EuroHPC Initiative by supporting the EU HPC CoEs to more effectively fulfil their role within the ecosystem and initiative: ensuring that extreme scale applications result in tangible benefits for addressing scientific, industrial or societal challenges.

The Centres of Excellence:

BioExcel 2 (European Centre of Excellence for Biomolecular Research)is operating towards advancement and support of the HPC software ecosystem in the life science domain.



ChEESE (Centre of Excellence for eXascale in Solid Earth) will harness European institutions in charge of operational monitoring networks, tier-0 supercomputing centres, academia, hardware developers and third-parties from SMEs, Industry and public-governance.



   Computational Methods, based on human biology, are now reaching maturity in the biomedical domain, rendering predictive models of health and disease increasingly relevant to clinical practice by providing a personalized aspect to treatment.


EoCoE II (The Energy Oriented Centre of Excellence) will use the prodigious potential offered by the ever-growing computing infrastructure to foster and accelerate the European transition to a reliable and low carbon energy supply. 



E-CAM (European HPC Centre of Excellence) is an e-infrastructure for software development, training, and industrial discussion in simulation and modelling which focus on four scientific areas of interest to computational scientists such as Classical Molecular Dynamics, Electronic Structure, Quantum Dynamics and Meso- and Multi-Scale Modelling.



The Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE) will substantially improve efficiency and productivity of numerical weather and climate simulation on HPC platforms by supporting the end-to-end workflows in global Earth system modelling for top-of-the-edge HPC environments.


The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications (EXCELLERAT) brings together the necessary European expertise to establish a Centre of Excellence in Engineering with a broad service portfolio, paving the way for the evolution towards EXASCALE. 


HPC and Big Data Technologies for Global Systems (HiDALGO)enable highly accurate simulations, data analytics and data visualisation but also by providing knowledge on how to integrate the various workflows and the corresponding data.


Materials design at eXascale (MaX) Centre of Excellence aims to allow the pre-eXascale and eXascale computers expected in Europe in the 2020’s to meet the demands from a large and growing base of researchers committed to materials discovery and design.


The Performance Optimization and Productivity (POP) Centre of Excellence gathers leading experts in performance tools/analysis and programming models to offer services to the academic and industrial communities to help them better understand the behaviour of their applications, suggest the most productive directions for optimizing the performance of the codes and help implementing those transformations in the most productive way.


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