20 May 2024

The Future of Scientific Computing: A Global Perspective

As part of ICTP's 60th anniversary celebrations, leading scientists, policymakers, and industry experts will gather at the International Symposium on "The Future of Scientific Computing" to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and quantum computing on scientific discovery. The event will focus on fields such as climate science, molecular chemistry, and materials science, with an emphasis on supporting scientific communities in less developed regions.

Several partners from the MaX project will join the symposium, participating as moderators or speakers. In line with the ICTP's commitment to global scientific collaboration, the symposium will be a precursor to the main anniversary event in November 2024, where outcomes will be presented and discussed during a panel session.

When: 27/05/2024

Where: ICTP, Trieste (Italy)

Outline of sessions featuring MaX partners:
Session 1- Scientific Cases- Moderator: Stefano Baroni (SISSA)
Session 2- Artificial Intelligence- Speaker: Nicola Marzari (UBremen, EPFL, NCCR MARVEL)
Session 5- HPC Infrastructures: A Global Perspective- Speaker: Fabio Affinito (CINECA)
Session 6- Global Initiatives- Speaker: Elisa Molinari (UNIMORE)

Visit the dedicated event page for more details.